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Salon Services
Our staff at Copper River Salon & Spa works on a European Level System which measures experience and years of dedication. Those at higher levels are more often educators and lecturers that have established a high client demand. This encourages stability and allows our employees to grow and prosper based on years of loyalty and dedication to their profession and clients. We provide artists and wellness therapists at every level to best suit the needs of our clients.

Our approach to hair design begins with a consultation to help create a modern style, while maintaining the health and integrity of the client’s hair. Professional hair experts will guide our clients every step of the way, to evaluate the client’s wishes and to create an individual look.

(level 1) Stylist  / $60
(level 2) Senior Stylist  / $65
(level 3) Designer  / $70
(level 4) Creative Designer  / $75
(level 5) Master Stylist  / $80+ up

C’mon in and let’s talk. Show us how you style and manage your hair. Bring us pictures. Be honest about your time limits and schedule. We’ll help you create a personal style, while maintaining the health and integrity of your hair.

Each service begins with a stress-relief treatment shampoo to the scalp and neck providing absolute comfort and relaxation.

Blowouts / starting at - $40
Ladies Cut / starting at - $60
Mens Cut / starting at - $40
Children / starting at - $30


After each color process receive a hair bath to release the alkaline in the hair and prevent the hair from fading. We recommend a conditioning treatment after every chemical service for maximum results.

Semi-permanent Color / starting at - $75
Deposits shine, refreshes natural color.

Single Process Color / starting at - $75
Lifts and brightens & adds dimension to hair with Gloss or Ph balancer.

Full Highlighting / starting at - $140
The best way to add the most dimension to hair & achieve good grey coverage.

Block Color / starting at - $150
Block color or a few highlights placed in with your root color to achieve a quick fix.

Corrective Color / Consultant is recommended to consider time needed and overall cost.

Whether your hair is damaged from over-processing, environmental stress, or is naturally hard to control, allow us to recommend one of our exclusive treatments. These treatments leave the hair feeling revived and luxurious. All of these services require a complimentary consultation with the stylist.

Crystal Straightening (original) / starting at - $500 / 4 hours
This treatment is for clients with course, dry, curly hair and want to have a glossy, manageable foundation. The results are straight with body and wash and go styles. It should be maintained every 6-9 months.

Smooth Control / starting at - $400 / 3.5 hours
Restructure fine to normal hair for those who want to reduce frizz and maintain body.

Keratin Complex Hair Therapy / starting at - $350 / 3.5 hours
Treatments leave your hair virtually frizz-free. It cuts down your drying time by half and is essential for damaged hair. Service should be maintained every 3 to 6 months. (prices vary on length & product used)

Perms/Body Waves / starting at - $140
Recommended for those with minimal coloring and are looking for a bouncy texture to the hair.

Corrective Color / Consultant time to determine price.
Consultant is recommended to consider time needed and overall cost.

Hair and Scalp Treatments
Staring at $30. Achieve your best everyday look! Balance scalp and hair while enjoying a head massage.

Inphenom /
This five-step enhanced treatment is great for anyone who lightens or needs to recharge their limp hair. Includes take home hair mask to freshen-up in between.

Dehydrated Scalp & Hair / 20 minutes
This is a nutritive mask that adds moisture to rebuild the structure of keratin.

Very Dry Scalp & Hair / 20 minutes
The five-step treatment balances out the scalp and repairs the natural UV filter of your hair.

Oily Scalp & Hair / 20 minutes
Cleanses and takes control of the sebum production, while taking out the buildup of products.

Thinning Hair / 20 minutes
Either it’s hereditary or all of a sudden, this treatment prepares the scalp with the vitamins A, F, B5, H and PP. This treatment will stimulate hair renewal and promote keratin formation. It is recommended that you follow through by using a treatment kit for home.

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